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  Elbow's Aviation Shots!

 Latest shots to be added to the website                                               

 China and North Korea's first Airshow Sept 2016 in Foreign Trips 2016....(China and North Korea)

 Leeds Bradford Airport 05/05/2017 with a pop in to shoot the UH-1 at Coney park in (UK Trips 2017) and later to Coney Park


     And recent visits to Durham Tees Valley in (DTV 2017)

       Friday 31st March (17.10pm - 17.20pm) The first visit of a Ce680A Citation Latitude to DTV arrived late afternoon...  CS-LTA arrived from Le Bourget as (NJE2NS), while on the (KLM1535/1536) Amsterdam service was PH-KZI Fokker FK70.


 Saturday 1st April (13.10pm -13.30pm) Jota Aviation BAe RJ85 G-JOTR positioned in from Southend as (EZE935P), and then took BORO FC down to Cardiff for their game with Swansea tomorrow as (EZE9355).


 Monday 17th April (10.30am - 11.30am)  Bringing in Arsenal from Luton for their game with BORO FC this afternoon was Jota Aviation BAe RJ85 G-JOTR as (ENZ682). Fokker Fk70 PH-KZU was on the (KLM1533/1534) Amsterdam service, while new resident for Eden Flight Training is PA38 Tomahawk PH-NRA, which arrived from the Eindhoven via Norwich and is due to go on the UK register shortly....


 Saturday 22nd April (14.20pm - 14.40pm)  Noteables this afternoon..  Falcon 2000 EC-LGV arrived from Barcelona on Thursday 20th as (EXU201),  while Be200 Super King Air G-KVIP routed Lydd/Exeter as (EGL18).


 Saturday 29th April (09.55am - 10.15am) A couple from this mornings visit...  Ce560 Citation XLS G-ZENT routed from Biggin Hill to Palma as (BZE04A/04B), while operating (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZP.


 Friday 12th May (16.30pm - 18.15pm) This afternoons visitors...  VistaJet Challenger 350 9H-VCO routed From Newcastle to Farnborough as (VJT449). 9H-MTF Boeing 737-300 arrived as (MLT852) from Southampton with Southampton FC onboard for their game with Middlesbrough FC tomorrow. KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZL operated the (KLM1535/6) Amsterdam Service, and lastly a mini invasion of Dutch and British light aircraft all arriving from Cambridge for a nightstop, which inc PH-JBF Cessna 172, and two PA28's PH-VFC and PH-DRT.


 Saturday 13th May (09.30am - 09.50am) A couple of movements ive not shot before resulted in two visits today....Firstly and routing from Milan Linate to Barcelona was Zenith Aviation Learjet 75 G-ZNTH as (BZE07A/07B), whilst the later visit was.. Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FLBK, which arrived from Jersey as (BKK4D). PA28R Arrow N200GK arrived from Stapleford, and Ce525 Citationjet CJ2+ OE-FRS arrived from Billund as (MOZ413D), all night stopping, and lastly 9H-MTF Boeing 737-300 departed to Southampton with their football team as (MLT853) 


 Sunday 14th May (09.20am - 09.35pm) Just the one of note this morning in not the best light....  G-GXLS Ce560 Citation XLS routed from Luton to Deauville as (LNX96GX).


 Wednesday 17th May (18.55pm - 19.05pm)  Very brief visit tonight for the smart coloured Falcon 2000 M-CKSB, which arrived from Palma for a nightstop..







United Kingdom

      Well hello!

    I'm Ian Ellington, a keen aircraft photographer from the north east of the UK! I started taking photos in the late 70's with a instamatic camera but moved quickly onto SLR's with a Zenith E in 1979, I then settled with a Cannon SLR mid 80's of which I've had several up to the present day! I started prints but moved onto slides in 1991, eventually starting the digital era in late 2003! I have a keen interest in the older types of transport aircraft but unfortunately not many visit my local airport (Durham Tees Valley) "better known now as Teesside'  

     I am currently scanning all of my negatives/prints & slides from my collection, with the aim being to try and get all of my collection digitalized!

        I also have a keen interest in Radio Controlled model aircraft and have several which I fly on a regular basis at my local club.

    Anyway here's some shots taken from over the years from my collection.  Any Comments, or if I can be of any help then please feel free to contact me on propsmoke@googlemail.com


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